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The government recommends that everyone with a bank account should have a lasting power of attorney, and this helps with decisions on finance and healthcare. A power of attorney enables you to legally nominate one of more persons that you trust to make all important decisions on your behalf in the future, should you no longer be able to make them for yourself. At Trust Law Associates Ltd we help you to make this legally binding, and we work from our base, in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, to offer you the very best service.

Why to Consider a Power of Attorney

If you don’t have a lasting power of attorney when you become unable to make decisions, you fall under the legislation of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. This means that authorities freeze your bank accounts and you’re placed under the rule of the court of protection. All finances are then controlled by a government body, giving you little choice in matters.

Appointing an attorney means that there’s someone looking out for your interests, and ensuring that you avoid being controlled by a government body. This saves you a small fortune in legal fees, and ensures that everything is done that way that you want.

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